How it works?

Search flights

To find a flight, you must indicate your preferences by voice note, by message or form, which is autocomplete with your data.

Origin and destination
One way or departure date and return date
Number of passengers (adults, children and babies)

You can introduce the scales, departure and return times or the airline with which you want to fly

Search hotel

Check in and check-out
Number of guests (adultos y niños)

You can enter the category, your budget, the score and the extra services
You can book your room in less than 60 seconds or start the search today and formalize it when it’s most comfortable for you.

Update a search

In Chatnfly your session never expires. You can update any search by going to the history of your flights and hotels or by typing the word: UPDATE.

In addition, you can activate the system of price lowering alerts, so you do not miss any offer.

Select your option

Once you have sent your preferences, in Chatnfly we will send you a link with all the detailed options available.
These results can be sorted and filtered according to the price, the score, the time of the flight, the category of the hotel or the distance to the town.

Get customer support

Once you have formally booked a flight or a hotel room, you will have the option of receiving personalized assistance related to your flight, by writing: SUPPORT.
Also, in Chatnfly you have an information system about incidents both before and after your trip.

Entering personal information to purchase the flight

When you go to proceed to make your reservation, the system will request your personal data.
You will received a form to enter your data and those of your passengers. The next time you make a booking, your data will be saved and the process it will be faster.

Proceed with flight payment

Once you have entered the personal information, we will send you a link to make the payment.
Through the secured payment form Stripe, you only have to enter your card details and decide if you want to keep your personal data, next time the payment process it will be faster.