About Chatnfly

If you are looking for your flight or hotel room through Facebook Messenger, Telegram or our app is totally free. If you prefer to book your trip through WhatsApp or SMS, you can do so by paying only € 9.90 / month

Obviously! You can find your flight and hotel room by a simple voice note, by text or by a form. You just have to indicate your preferences and we will offer you your best option!

Yes. Literally in 60 seconds you will have made your reservation. And for the next occasions, if you save your personal data, it will be faster.

We charge a service fee for the purchase and issuance of the plane ticket.

We offer the same prices as the most competitive flight and hotel search engines online.

It’s a machine referred to as ‘chatbot’. You can’t ask too many things to the robot, but the few things you can, it does them really great. And super fast!

Because we are super fast, we use your favorite messaging app, and we don’t fool you with the price.

It is very simple! Enter to our website and click to the button where you want to find your flight or hotel room and detail your preferences by voice note, text or form.

Once you are inside the messaging platform, you will only have to type ENGLISH / INGLÉS.

Reservation process

Our partner for the payment transaction is Stripe, a company of recognized worldwide prestige.

Through the Stripe payment platform, you only have to enter your card information.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you can do it through the reservation management section of the airline or hotel website.

Generally, you can cancel or modify your reservation without any additional charge if you do it with 24 hours before your check-in.

You will find the details of your reservation at the email address you gave us at the booking time.

If you want to modify your reservation, you can do it through the reservation management section of the airline or hotel website.


The mail usually takes about 10 minutes to arrive. Check your spam folder, we have sent the confirmation to the email address you have indicated. If it has not arrived yet, contact to: soporte@gmail.com

If the chat-bot does not answer you, we recommend you to write:CANCEL to restart the system or SUPPORT to request help.

If you have not received the payment platform, we recommend you to write UPDATE. If the problem persists, you can write SUPPORT to request help.

If you need to receive personalized attention, you can write SUPPORT and we will help you in whatever you need.


Generally, a package and a personal item is allowed to go up in the cabin. To get a better idea of the information, we recommend you to go to the airline’s website.

If you want to add a suitcase, you can do it going to ‘My reservation’ section of the airline’s website. REMEMBER: the hand luggage is always included and you can hire additional luggage once you have booked the flight by writing the command SUPPORT, Chatnfly will manage it for you.

To consult the dangerous goods policy of a specific airline, we recommend you to go to their website.

On the security control you can pass a limited quantity of 100 ml per container. Store all containers in a transparent bag with opening and closing system (max 1L).

Crutches, canes, oxygen bottles, walkers, syringes, concentrators and fans are accepted on board.

If you can not find your luggage at the terminal, please go to the baggage handling counter at the airport. This is usually located in the customs hall, next to the baggage claim area.

If your luggage is damaged during the trip, you can file a claim to you airline or to the baggage service counter. This is usually located in the customs hall, next to the baggage claim area.

Generally, if the luggage has been retained at customs, the airline will do its best to coordinate your delivery. In some cases, you may have to present an authorization to open your luggage.


You will find the flight code in the email you received at the email address you have indicated at the booking time.

You can reserve your seat at the check-in time from the airline’s website.

You can check-in at the airline counter or through its website.

Passengers can check in between 7 days and up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

It depends on the airline and the airport, you can take it on your mobile device or request it at the check-in desk. From run and fly we recommend that you print your boarding pass.

To make the check-in with all tranquility, it is better that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

The check-in is used to confirm that the passenger will indeed be on board the flight and, if applicable, to check the luggage. The boarding is the moment when the passenger gets on the plane.

At the time of doing the check in, you can purchase an additional seat for more comfort.


To find out discounts for children, we recommend you to visit the airline’s website.

In some countries, the entry or exit of children from the country is subject to specific regulations. Find out on this page about the rules applicable to travel with children in different countries.

Children under 14 years of age do not need to show their documentation if they are going to take flights within Spain, if they travel accompanied by their parents. In that case, the family book should be shown. However, if you are traveling to any country abroad, either in the European Union or abroad, you must show your valid documentation or passport.

Chatnfly has not yet included the service which minors can travel alone. We are working hard for you to have it soon! Sorry for the disturbances.

Liquid foods are allowed on the plane. We recommend bringing bottles and food for your baby in sufficient quantity for the trip.


To consult the policy of pets of your airline, we recommend you to visit its website.

Generally yes. To see the terms and conditions you can check the airline’s website

Only dogs and cats of at least 15 weeks of age are allowed on board. All dogs and cats traveling within the European Union must be identified with an electronic microprocessor.


For special requests you can try to indicate your options by text, by voice note or by clicking on the Search Flight button and display the Advanced Search menu.

Of course! Make your reservation and, once you buy the ticket, get in touch with the airline so they can explain everything you need.

If you are pregnant, you can fly, but we recommend you to know the authorizations you need if you have already completed the 28 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, IATA recommends not flying after 36 weeks of gestation.

If you need help to eat, you must travel with a companion.


Chatnfly has not yet included the service which minors can travel alone. We are working hard for you to have it soon! Sorry for the disturbances.

It is your responsibility to inform the competent authorities about the entry procedures of the country of destination.

With your Spanish documentation you can travel to countries of the European Union or belonging to the European Economic Area or to countries with specific agreements with Europe.

Depending on whether, Spain has an agreement with the country of destination, you will need a passport or a visa.

No. The driving license is not a valid ID to travel by plane.