We are the first transactional and assistance, omnichannel and multilingual chatbot

With SAAS your users can access to your services, chatting through a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or SMS, including apps, webs or blogs


How does the SAAS work?

SAAS works from the chat combined with the AI. This is the most convenient mass channel to favor bookings in the Travel sector and to encourage user loyalty.

This new direct sales channel, with low activation costs, has an impact on the improvement of the margins for the Travel service provider.

In addition, our assistance part offers a fast and better UX to the user and influences a gradual and constant reduction of the OPEX.

What the SAAS offers

Personalized design

We offer an exclusive and personalized design for customers to associate SAAS with the brand of our partners.

Constant maintenance

We continually optimize and innovate our SAAS to offer an excellent experience to our partners.

Data protection

We act only according to the instructions of our clients, in relation to personal data.

Fast and direct

We integrate any platform, to your inventories, in a fast and efficient way (CRS, GDS, PMS, Channel Manager…)

Easy use

We provide users with the information and assistance necessary for the formalization of reservations.


We have the appropriate security measures against access, loss or modification of data.